Winch Accessories

Hawse Fairlead are for use with a Synthetic Winch Rope and Winch. carries Hawse Fairleads designed by TRE that offer lightweight and high performance safety security. The TRE Safety Fairlead is specifically designed for the Safety Thimble II. This handy fairlead keeps the thimble in an upright position in order to keep the thimble from being the front-most part of your vehicle. (Especially good for rock crawling).

Hawse Fairlead License Plate Bracket by TRE is also available through to keep your Jeep JK, street legal in any state you travel to. The license plate bracket is designed to make it easy to remove or secure a license plate on the front of the Jeep. Also check out the TRE Winch Rope Package that includes a synthetic winch rope (you pick the color), a Safety Thimble II, and a Standard Hawse Fairlead. The package deal saves you extra and allows you to have all your recovery necessities.