Savvy Offroad Transfer Case Cable Shifter Kit – NP231 | Jeep TJ and LJ


Transfer Case Cable Shifter Kit – NP231 replaces your mechanical transfer case linkage in your Jeep TJ or Jeep Wrangler TJ Unlimited LJ. Easy to Install and uses your existing transfer case shifter.  if you have a Rubicon Model then you will need NP241.

*This product ships directly from manufacturer!

Savvy Gas Tank Skid – Aluminum | Jeep TJ and LJ


The Savvy Gas Tank Skid for Jeep Wrangler TJ protects your OEM gas tank from damage. Made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, this gas tank skid plate is a recommended addition to your Jeep Body Armor.

Transfer Case Cable Shifter Kit – NP241OR | Jeep TJ/LJ Rubicon | NP241


Transfer Case Cable Shifter Kit for NP241 Transfer Cases for Jeep TJ Rubicon. We have enthusiastically settled on this super-smooth cable design. This design installs rapidly, easily adjusts to body height, skid pan and conversion powertrain variations.

*This product ships directly from manufacturer!

Currie Currectlync Tie Rod & Drag Link System| CE-9701

Currectlync® Tie Rod/Drag Link System


Currectlync® Steering System; TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ; Bolt-On; Incl. 1 1/4 in. Dia. Tie Rod/Forged Drag Link; HD Steering Stabilizer Shock Mounting Kit

Dana 44 Rear Axle Kit – 30 spline – Jeep TJ/XJ | Revolution Gear & Axle


Dana 44 Rear Axle Kit for Jeep TJ/Cherokee XJ by Revolution Gear & Axle features. 30 spline, 4140 chromoly axle shafts MADE IN USA! with a  Lifetime warranty and come Pre-Assembled.

Antirock® Sway Bar Kit


Antirock® Sway Bar Kit; TJ/LJ Front; Bolt-On; Forged Arms;

Savvy Aluminum Body Lift Kit 1.25″ | Jeep TJ and LJ


Savvy Aluminum Body Lift Kit for Jeep TJ and LJ comes with all the parts and hardware needed to raise your Jeep body 1.25 inches.

Dana 35 Ring & Pinion – Rear | Jeep TJ,XJ,ZJ,MJ | Revolution Gear & Axle


Revolution Ring & Pinion Dana 35 Rear Gear Sets for Jeep TJ and other models are made from the highest quality 8620 material. These Jeep Gears are double lapped for easy setup & years of quiet, cool, trouble free operation. Free Shipping!

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Front End Housing Johnny Joint® Kit


Johnny Joint® Kit; JL/JT Front End Housing (All Factory Axle Housings); Kit;

Antirock® Sway Bar Kit


Antirock® Sway Bar Kit; JT Gladiator Rear; Bolt-On; Forged Chromoly Arms;

Antirock® Sway Bar Arms


Antirock® Forged Chromoly Sway Bar Arms; Vertically Offest, 16.2 in. OAL; 14.2 in. C-C; 2 Link Mounting Holes; JT Gladiator Rear; Incl. Stickers; Pair

Antirock® Sway Bar Arms


Antirock® Fabricated Steel Sway Bar Arms; Bent Style; 21 in. Long OAL; 19.5 in. C-C; Slight Bend; Incl. Stickers; Pair

Antirock® Sway Bar Arms


Antirock® Fabricated Steel Sway Bar Arms; Bent Style; 19.25 in. Long OAL; 17.95 in. C-C; 1.7 in. Offset Bend; 5 Holes; Incl. Stickers; Pair


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The Highest Quality Jeep Parts and Accessories at Affordable Prices

Jeep Parts and Accessories - 4LowParts.com

Jeep Parts and Accessories – 4LowParts.com

Jeep parts and accessories is what 4LowParts is all about. You may even find yourself becoming a do-it-yourself mechanic as you seek to make modifications and improvements to your new found friend. That’s where 4LowParts.com comes into the picture. Specializing in “all things Jeep”, 4LowParts has the Jeep parts and accessories providing you everything from Body Armor, Axles & Gears, Lift Kits, Shocks to control arms, Antirock Kits and Johnny Joints. We are proud to offer Savvy Off Road and Tactical Recovery Equipment products that are made in the U.S.A. having been off-road and trail tested for quality, strength, and durability. Parts like the Winch Safety Thimble offer the strength that the Jeep Wrangler needs with the affordability that the driver needs! We’re also authorized dealers for many manufacturers including; Currie Enterprises, Savvy Off Road, RCV Axles, Black Magic Brakes, TRE, Fox Shocks, Warn, Revolution Gear & Axle and many more each day.

Being Jeep Wrangler experts, we can help you find aftermarket Jeep parts and accessories at the best prices around. Whether you’re looking to go rock crawling or just enjoy cruising around town with the top off, when you need parts for your Jeep Wrangler, 4LowParts offers the highest quality Jeep products at affordable prices!

For those of us who live for adventure, there is the Jeep Wrangler. With a classic design and a unique look, the American-made Wrangler calls on outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore places they’ve never been before. Wrangler owners don’t worry about smooth rides, leather seats, and fancy cup holders. They want a removable top, half doors, and the ability to hose out the floorboards when the interior gets dirty!

There’s no doubt the Jeep Wrangler changes a person’s lifestyle. Whether you’re driving a Jeep Wrangler JK, JKU TJ, or Cherokee XJ, 4LowParts.com has the Jeep parts and accessories you need in performance products. While feeling the wind rush through your hair and having the ability to drive in all types of weather conditions, you will most likely make new friends in fellow Wrangler owners. Jeep lovers nationwide can be found at special events, on message boards, and through chat rooms and forums.

If you are looking for Jeep JK or JK Rubicon Parts, 4LowParts has you covered.

The Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon is the off-roaders dream. Also known as Rubi, the Rubicon name was earned from tests completed on the Rubicon Trail in CA, the hardest trail in the US. This Jeep JK is an off-road experience waiting to happen straight out of the factory’s box. You won’t have to prep your vehicle before your first drive off the beaten path. Rubicon is considered the top dog of jeeps – ready to take adventure head-on.

Made in the USA, Savvy parts are quality tested on the same trails as the Jeep Rubicon – the two are matched for durability along the abusive trails of the backwoods. 4LowParts connects jeep owners to Savvy Off Road and many others quality companies in a one-stop shopping experience. Choose from the latest in body armor, axles and gears to shock and brake replacements, 4 Low Parts have what you need to keep your off-roading adventures pushing the off-road limits.

Drive your Rubicon into the woods when it is armored up with undercarriage protection, steel sliders or an aluminum tailgate valence. You can find protective products for your Rubicon and other jeep models right here at 4 Low Parts. We even have a photo gallery for jeep lovers to upload their favorite off-road pictures.

Discover what is new in parts when you explore the web pages of 4Low Parts. Find what you need for your Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and stay protected. 4LowParts has what you need to protect, modify, or replace damaged parts. You will find value and quality service to complete your shopping experience. If you are looking for Jeep Rubicon Parts, 4LowParts has you covered.

4LowParts.com provides easy access to all your jeep needs

Grand Cherokee, otherwise known as the ‘luxury’ model, claims its fame for being the first unibody chassis vehicle. Providing a smoother ride, the mid-size jeep quickly became a family vehicle as well as remaining fit for some off road activity. 4 Low Parts brings a one-stop shopping experience where jeep lovers will find all the unique products and replacement parts available for their particular make and model.

Whether you have taken the vehicle across rough terrain or you are looking forward to your first off-road experience, Four Low Parts will have what you need. We connect you to brake and shocks systems, provide replacements for bumpers, fenders and wheels. Proactive armor parts provide exclusive protection for off road trails. Do you need to replace a cracked light cover? You will find the perfect match within our inventory. 4 Low Parts will bring value and great service for all your jeep needs.

We pride ourselves on supplying parts made in the USA. Savvy Off Road, a leader in jeep off-road parts are among those offered. Off-road tested and proven to last, Four Low Parts will connect you to quality replacement or upgrade pieces.

4 Low Parts will equip your Grand Cherokee for a great family vacation. Enjoy the comfortable ride of a mid-size jeep with the ability to venture further beyond the paved countryside roads without the worry. Pack your bags and prep your jeep at a local store for the upcoming journey as you prepare to take the road less traveled. Off-road tested parts will keep your jeep safe across the rough terrain.
Explore our site by jeep model or part category. 4 Low Parts provides easy access to all your jeep needs. We have specific high-quality tested products to equip your Grand Cherokee to fit the your family’s lifestyle.

Whether it’s winches, LED Light Bars or Johnny Joints, 4LowParts has it all

The Jeep Cherokee (also known as the Wagoneer) has been deemed by some as one of the 20 greatest cars of all time. Automobile magazine touted it as “possibly the best SUV shape of all time, it is the paradigmatic model to which other designers have since aspired”.

Back in the day when consumers were looking for a vehicle that had less sport and more utility, the ability to transport its passengers to remote areas, handle bad-weather driving, and have the capability to pull heavy trailers, the Cherokee came along. Although it was discontinued as a longstanding favorite with outdoor enthusiasts, it had a 20-year long span of popularity which still continues as it remains one of Jeep’s most popular cars.

With dedicated enthusiasts driving the Cherokee today, many can be spotted with the usual modified off-roading upgrades like bigger tires, lifted suspensions, and brush guards.

Naturally, for a car that great it deserves only the best parts when making modifications and/or upgrades. With 4 Low Parts, Cherokee lovers can count on getting the highest quality parts when making changes to their Jeep.

4 Low Parts offers “Made in the U.S.A.” parts that are durable for the Cherokee while being affordable for the Cherokee owner. At 4 Low Parts we don’t just sell you a product, we are here to help you find what you are looking for and make sure it’s right for your Jeep model. Whether it’s brakes, seats or a new suspension, 4 Low Parts has it all. Your Cherokee deserves parts that are proven to work through the years and can handle the abuse of even the roughest trails. We proudly offer Savvy Offroad products that are comparable to the strength of steel but half the weight due to very smart designs.