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Jeep TJ Gear Packages – Ring & Pinion w/ Master Install Kits | Revolution

Jeep TJ Gear Package | Jeep TJ Rubicon Gear Package

Jeep TJ Gear Packages – Ring & Pinion with Master Install Kits by Revolution Revolution Gear & Axle

Jeep TJ Gear Packages include Revolution Gear & Axles Premium Ring & Pinion along with Master Install Kits for both the front and Rear Axles. Available in many different Gear Ratios. Choose the Jeep TJ Gear Package that fits your Jeep TJ or Unlimited LJ axle configuration.

Jeep TJ Gear Packages available in:

Revolution Gear & Axle Jeep TJ Gear Packages

Revolution Gear & Axle –  Ring & Pinion

Jeep TJ Gear Package
Jeep TJ Gear Package

Revolution Ring & Pinion are made from top quality 8620 Steel and are precision heat treated to OEM specifications, making for the best aftermarket gears available. All Revolution Ring and Pinion sets are backed by an industry leading 2 Year Warranty against defects. Revolution gears are also double, and in some cases triple lapped for flawless setup, smother running and longer life.



Revolution Gear & Axle – Master Install Kits 

Dana 30 TJ Master Install Kit
D30 TJ Master Install Kit by Revolution Gear & Axle
  • new OEM quality Pinion & Carrier Bearings,
  • Pinion Seal,
  • Pinion Nut,
  • Crush Sleeve (where applies),
  • Ring Gear bolts (most applications)
  • Pinion & Carrier Shims
  • Gear marking compound and Loctite for the ring gear bolts.


Revolution Gear & Axle

When you need a quality Jeep TJ Gear Package – look no further than Revolution Gear & Axle. Revolution offers a full line of Premium, Top Quality Ring and Pinion gear sets in all the popular ratios to accommodate most light trucks, Jeeps and rear-wheel drive passenger cars. Revolution ring and pinion sets are constructed to last longer, run quieter and setup easier than other aftermarket gears. We do this by concentrating on every detail in the manufacturing processes of our gears. From design, to final inspection Revolution’s attention to detail and precision guarantees that you’re getting the highest quality gear set available.Often times you need more pulling power out of your tow rig and the factory ratios are not low enough to give you the power you need. Other times you find that when you upgraded your under sized stock tires to something a little bigger and with more style you find that your speedometer is off and the power band seems to have slipped – it’s time to re-gear and reclaim your power. Revolution offers a full line of ratios for your 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks and SUVs. Revolution also offers a large number of ratios for your racing needs as well. Our performance gears are designed to handle higher horsepower and heavy loads. Whether you are correcting for larger tires, racing or just looking for more power, Revolution has the gear for you!


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Chromoly Front Axle Kit (27 spline) for Jeep JK – Dana 30

Dana 30 Front Axle Kit - Chromoly Front Axle Kit

Revolution Gear & Axle 4340 Chromoly front axle kit for Jeep Wrangler JK are 100% US Made and come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty. Each kit comes complete with everything needed to install these premier quality axles in your ride.

Jeep Jk Chromoly Front Axle Kit (27 Spline) includes:

  • 2 Inner axles,
  • 2 Outer stub axles,
  • Dana Spicer 5-7166X 1350 U-Joints
  • set of full circle snap-rings to hold it all together.

Fits 07-14 Jeep JK with Dana 30 Front Axle


Revolution Gear & Axle has signed a deal with the factory that produced the reputable 100% American Made front axles for the Superior Axle Brand. 

Revolution’s Chromoly front axles will be the toughest in the industry, withstanding the day to day abuse better than any of it’s competitors on the market today. In addition…Revolution has made some changes to some popular Jeep applications that will make Revolution Axles, hands down stronger than any other direct replacement HD front axles available.

Revolution will set the industry standard for quality, strength, customer service and satisfaction.

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Jeep JK Rear Axle Kits -Chromoly – Made In USA

Jeep JK Rear Axle Kits

Jeep JK Rear Axle Kits – 4340 Chromoly Axle Kits Made in the USA.

Jeep JK Rear Axle Kits from 4LowParts by Revolution Gear & Axle featuring 4340 Chromoly Axle Shafts that come preassembled with bearings and retainers for a simple swap in your Jeep JK or JKU

4340 Chromoly Rear axle kits for Jeep JK! MADE IN USA!!

These shafts come with Lifetime warranty against shaft failure from Revolution Gear & Axle

PLUS!! These axle kits come 100% Pre-Assembled with bearings and retainers for a simple swap!!

Jeep JK Rear Axle Kits Applications: 

Revolution offers a large and ever growing portfolio of rear axles for many common applications, chances are we have an axle that will fit your application.

In addition to replacement rear axles, Revolution also stocks a wide verity of 100% US Made Chromoly rear axle Kits. Revolution US Made axles come with a Lifetime Warranty that even covers bent shafts!