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Jeep TJ Dana 30 Gear Set – Ring & Pinion

Dana 30 TJ Ring and Pinion|Jeep TJ Dana 30 Gear Set

Jeep TJ Dana 30 Gear Set- short pinion by Revolution Gear & Axle include Premium Ring & Pinion Gear Sets made from the highest quality 8620 material. They are double lapped for easy setup & years of quiet, cool, trouble free operation.

Revolution Ring and Pinions come with an industry leading FREE 2 year warranty against manufacture defects.

Jeep TJ Dana 30 Gear Set available in the following Gear Ratios : 3.58 | 3.73 | 4.10 | 4.56 | 4.88 | 5.13

Jeep TJ Dana 30 Gear Set – short pinion Install Kits:

Master Install Kit 

Basic Install Kit

Jeep TJ Dana 30 Gear Set

When you need a quality gear set – look no further than Revolution Gear & Axle. Revolution offers a full line of Premium, Top Quality Ring and Pinion gear sets in all the popular ratios to accommodate most light trucks, Jeeps and rear-wheel drive passenger cars. Revolution ring and pinion sets are constructed to last longer, run quieter and setup easier than other aftermarket gears. We do this by concentrating on every detail in the manufacturing processes of our gears. From design, to final inspection Revolution’s attention to detail and precision guarantees that you’re getting the highest quality gear set available.

Often times you need more pulling power out of your tow rig and the factory ratios are not low enough to give you the power you need. Other times you find that when you upgraded your under sized stock tires to something a little bigger and with more style you find that your speedometer is off and the power band seems to have slipped – it’s time to re-gear and reclaim your power. Revolution offers a full line of ratios for your 2 and 4 wheel drive trucks and SUVs. Revolution also offers a large number of ratios for your racing needs as well. Our performance gears are designed to handle higher horsepower and heavy loads. Whether you are correcting for larger tires, racing or just looking for more power, Revolution has the gear for you!