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Currie 4″ Lift Kit for Jeep JK

4" Lift Kit w/Antirock Rear Sway Bars

Currie 4″ lift kit offers several kits to raise your 2 door Jeep JK that will allow clearance for up to 37″ tires. carries several options for the 4″ lift that best fits you and your Jeep.

All Currie 4″ Lift Kits include:

  • 4 progressively wound coil springs
  • 8 Johnny Joint adjustable control arms
  • Front urethane bump stops
  • Rear bump stop spacers
  • Rear coil spring retainers
  • Front and Rear approved stainless braided extended brake lines
  • Dropped pitman arm
  • Relocation kit for the tops of the front and rear shocks
  • Front and rear trac bar relocation kit
  • Front heim jointed adjustable sway bar links for stock sway bar

Currie CE-9808S-The Currie 4″ Lift Kit for any model of the 2-door Jeep JK Wrangler is a cost effective alternative to our full kit.


Currie 4″ Lift Kit CE-9808S also includes:

  • Rear heim jointed adjustable sway bar extended links


Currie 4″ Lift Kits CE-9808AS also includes:

  • Rear Antirock sway bar kit with steel arms


Currie 4″ Lift Kit CE-9808A also includes:

  • Rear Antirock sway bar with aluminum arms

The Currie 4″ Lift Kit Off Road Suspension System for the 2-door Jeep Wrangler Jconsists of only the highest end components in the areas of strength, fit, finish, function, and the R&D testing to back them. CE-9808JCE includes all of the standard


Currie 4″ Lift Kit CE-9808JCE also includes

  • Front Johnny Joint adjustable length trac bars
  • Front Antirock sway bar with aluminum arms & aluminum frame brackets
  • Rear Antirock sway bar with aluminum arms

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