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1976-1986 Jeep CJ

Jeep CJ

The Willy’s Jeep CJ is the civilian version of the Willy’s military Jeep in WW11. The same basic vehicle remained in production through several variants through 1986. From 1976-1980 the Jeep CJ used a Dana 20 Transfer Case, Dana 30 front axle and a 29-spine AMC 20 rear axle. After 1986 the CJ was outfitted with Dana 44 and CJ’s newer than 1980 came with the Dana 300 Transfer Case. CJ’s continue to be used in mud racing and rock crawling. Modify and upgrade your CJ. 4LowParts has all the Jeep Parts and Accessories you need for your Jeep CJ such as Bumpers, Winches, Control Arms, Anti-rock Kits and Brakes.