1986-1992 Jeep Comanche MJ

Jeep MJ

The Jeep MJ was a mid-sized pickup that stayed true to the jeep brands heritage. The Comanche was one the first Jeep vehicles to use the new Quadra-Link suspension. The truck came with 2 and 4WD and was available with a six-foot or seven-foot bed. Different editions were available of the years such as the X, XLS, Olympic Edition, Chief, Laredo, Pioneer and Eliminator. The Jeep MJ uses the compact XJ’s front suspension with coil springs and upper and lower control arms, and leaf springs for the rear suspension. Upgrade your Jeep Comanche. 4LowParts has all Jeep Parts and Accessories for your Jeep MJ such as Bumpers, Winches, Control Arms, Anti-Rock Kits and Brakes.

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