TRE ⅜ x 85 ft. Yellow Synthetic Winch Rope – 20,000 lbs. Breaking Strength


Synthetic Winch Rope W/Black Safety Thimble II Package 3/8 Inch Diameter 85 Foot Avail Multi Color TRE-Tactical Recovery Equipment



 Tactical Recovery Equipment’s 3/8″ x 85 ft. Yellow Synthetic Winch Rope is constructed of a unique ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material. UHMWPE is an extremely high-strength, low-stretch rope ( less than 5%) that offers high abrasion resistance and great tensile strength. Each Synthetic Winch Rope is coated in UV Resistant urethane to protect the fibers from sun exposure. Synthetic winch rope is resistant to damage from most oils and chemicals and does not corrode like steel cable.

TRE Synthetic Winch Rope Includes:

  • ⅜” x 85 ft. Yellow Synthetic Winch Rope
  • Heavy Duty Black Steel Tube Thimble
  • 8 ft. Heavy Duty Polyester Sheathing
  • TRE custom designed stainless steel drum attachment kit that reduces abrasion
  • Recommended for: Jeep, Trucks & SUVs with winches up to 12,000 lbs. 

** Each Winch Rope comes pre-assembled and ready for easy installation

Advantages of Synthetic Winch Rope:

  • Synthetic Winch Rope has a Breaking Strength up to 30% more than steel winch cable of equal size
  • Winch Ropes are up to 85% Lighter than equivalent steel cable
  • TRE synthetic winch ropes weigh up to 85% less than steel cable
  • Low stretch (<5%) does not allow for a large amount of kinetic energy to build up



Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 13 in