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Snatch Block by TRE
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Snatch Block | Tactical Recovery Equipment


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Finally a Snatch Block that weighs only 2 lbs. while still holding a breaking strength of 40,000 lbs. The single bearing design makes for an easy and safe recovery. TRE Snatch Blocks are to be used with 3/8″-7/16″ synthetic rope.

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Snatch Block by TRE – Tactical Recovery Equipment

Snatch Block by TRE will maximize vehicle recovery when off road. As most blocks weigh around ten pounds, the TRE snatch block is under two pounds. It is easy to use and will increase your options when put in a tight situation. This highly functional single bearing sheave is a revolutionary design that helps make the recovery simple by simply changing the angle direction. The snatch block is extremely light and small which makes for easy stowing in any vehicle. It is out of your way until that moment when you need it. Always have a snatch block with you when off-roading to make that difficult recovery simple. A must have for any off road enthusiast.

TRE Snatch Block Features:

  • Heavy duty self lubricating single bearing Delrin sheave – pulley wheel
  • Lightweight – under 2lbs,
  • Precision made from aircraft grade Aluminum
  • Designed specifically for synthetic winch ropes
  • Easy to use swing block
  • Easy to store due to compact design
  • Anodized black
  • Made in USA

What is a Snatch Block?

The Snatch Block is a pulley with a side plate that swings open. The snatch block can be opened to receive a bit of rope along any length of it. The block  is meant to change direction of the recovery rope to get the straight angle you need.

How does it work?

A pulley system is used in conjunction with a winch rope by looping the rope through the pulley before hooking to the vehicle, rock or tree in recovery. By doing this, it increases your pulling capacity and strengthens your winch.

When recovering, you would usually have an anchor point located directly in front of your vehicle but often times you won’t always be so lucky. With a Snatch Block you can set up an angled, single line pull by running the rope through the block to offset the anchor point. You would then identify a second anchor point that’s offset in the opposite direction as the first anchor point. Use a soft shackle to attach the snatch block with the second anchor point.

Reasons for using a Snatch Block:

  • Increase pulling power of the winch
  • Change direction of the winch cable when pulling at an angle.
  • Haul a lot of weight in a short distance
  • Easy to use swing block

When working with angled pulls, you want to stay safe and improve your recovery. This Snatch Block can be used in a way that protects your rope as well as the spectators involved with the recovery. Increase the versatility of your winch with the Snatch Block from TRE.

 *The Snatch Block is made for off road vehicle use only.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 2 in


Standard Soft Shackle – Tactical Recovery Equipment


TRE Soft Shackles are made from Dyneema SK75 synthetic fiber rope with a minimum breaking strength of 32,000 lbs.  Available in most popular colors. They are a high strength, lightweight, and easier to handle alternative for most situations requiring the use of a steel shackle.

Safety Thimble II – Black


The Black Safety Thimble II is designed to prevent the thimble from getting pulled into the fairlead. The Safety Thimble II is for 5/16 to 7/16″ synthetic winch ropes.