CE-9801HS TJ Johnny Joint 4″ Suspension System with Antirock and Double Adjustable Upper Arms


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The RockJock Johnny Joint® suspension system kit is a complete package that replaces all eight stock control arms and provides a 4″ lift. It is engineered to provide unrivaled articulating flexibility and performance in the most adverse off-road conditions. The Johnny Joint® system keeps the tires in contact with the terrain for maximum traction. Kit includes 8 adjustable length Johnny Joint® control arms (single adjustable lower, double adustable uppers), 4 4″ lift coil springs, Johnny Joint® adjustable front trac bar, rear trac bar relocation bracket, RockJock Antirock® front sway bar, rear sway bar extended links, and the RockJock front and rear poly urethane bump stop kits.  When used in conjunction with a 1″ body lift and a 1″ motor mount lift, this kit allows for efficient use of up to 35″ tires.