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Blue Winch Rope & Safety Thimble Package

Blue Winch Rope with Black Safety Thimble 2 Package | 3/8″ x 85ft


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Blue Synthetic Winch Rope w/ Safety Thimble II includes 3/8″ x 85 ft. of 12 strand SK75 synthetic rope, 6 ft. black nylon sheath, new drum attachment, and The Original Safety Thimble II.

 Blue Winch Rope/Black Safety Thimble II Package – 3/8″x 85 ft.

Blue Winch Rope & Safety Thimble Package – 3/8″ x 85 ft. If your looking to replace your steel winch cable or worn out synthetic rope, then this is the package for you. This Blue Winch Rope Package includes 3/8″ x 85 ft of 12 strand SK75 synthetic winch rope and a Safety Thimble II. Each rope comes fully assembled, including a black nylon sheath and new stainless steel drum attachment.

Blue Winch Rope & Safety Thimble Package – 3/8″ x 85 ft. include:

  • 3/8″ x 85 ft. of 12 Strand SK75 synthetic blue winch rope with a certified 18,500lb breaking strength.
  • Safety Thimble II – Anodized black using our 2 step Electrolytic Process to reduce fading
  • 8ft Black nylon Sheath – Helps protect synthetic rope from dirt and UV rays.
  • Newly designed drum attachment and hardware that reduces abrasion on the winch line under load
  • Comes pre-assembled for easy installation

**The blue synthetic winch rope, safety thimble II, and winch attachment come fully assembled. All you will need to do is install the rope on your winch drum.

Mfg: TRE (Tactical Recovery Equipment)

Part #:TRE-WRST2-BL85


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 16 x 6 in


Hawse Fairlead License Plate Bracket | Tactical Recovery Equipment


Hawse Fairlead License Plate Bracket, finally a solution for mounting a front license plate on vehicles with or without our Safety Thimble Fairlead. Currently 30 states require you to display your front license plate.

Standard Soft Shackle – Tactical Recovery Equipment


TRE Soft Shackles are made from Dyneema SK75 synthetic fiber rope with a minimum breaking strength of 32,000 lbs.  Available in most popular colors. They are a high strength, lightweight, and easier to handle alternative for most situations requiring the use of a steel shackle.

Safety Thimble II – Black


The Black Safety Thimble II is designed to prevent the thimble from getting pulled into the fairlead. The Safety Thimble II is for 5/16 to 7/16″ synthetic winch ropes.

Black Aluminum Hawse Fairlead – Tactical Recovery Equipment


The Standard Black Aluminum Hawse Fairlead by TRE is  to be used with synthetic winch rope. It has been designed to provide the proper radius needed to keep from damaging or fraying your winch line even under load or during angled pulls.