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Blue ATV/UTV Soft Shackle
ATV/UTV Soft Shackles

Blue ATV/UTV Soft Shackle | TRE


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Soft Shackles are used in many situations instead of steel shackles and are considered a high strength replacement for most situations. With a breaking strength of more than 16,000 pounds,

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Blue ATV/UTV Soft Shackle:

TRE Blue ATV/UTV Soft Shackles are made from Dyneema SK-75 fiber synthetic rope and are approximately 8″ inside diameter. Each Blue ATV/UTV Soft Shackle handles up to 16,000 lbs of breaking strength. Blue ATV/UTV Soft Shackles are used in many situations instead of a steel shackle and are considered a high strength replacement for most situations requiring the use of a D-Ring or other shackles.

TRE Soft Shackles have a pull string to release the choker loop making them even easier to use in the field.

Blue ATV/UTV Soft Shackle Advantages:

  • Light enough to float
  • Stronger than steel cable in equivalent sizes
  • Wrapped around objects that cable and shackles cannot without damage to your ATV/UTV
  • 16,000 lb. minimum breaking strength
  • TRE soft shackle design includes a an easy to pull string that make it easy to loosen the soft shackle after use.

Soft Shackle Uses:

  • TRE Soft Shackles can be wrapped around any object for a quick pull.
  • Soft Shackles can be attached to an anchor point the same way a D-shackle is used
  • Can be used in place of Anchor Shackles and D-ring shackles in just about any application

**Intended For Off-Road Use Only


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