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Recovery Gear - Recovery Tools & Accessories is proud to offer a wide variety of recovery gear from Tactical Recovery Equipment. The off road recovery gear from TRE is durable, reliable and safe.  Soft Shackles replace the D-ring and offer more versatility and safety. With 25,000 pounds of pulling capacity and the light weight, these are almost a necessity when off road or even in daily driving. TRE also offers Synthetic Winch Rope in a variety of colors such as blue, pink, red, orange, black and more. These winch ropes have a pulling capacity of 18,500 pounds and are much more safe, much lighter and more reliable than the steel cable. If it breaks out on the trail, simply re-splice it and continue your recovery. The Kinetic Energy Tow Rope is an important piece of equipment in any recovery bag. This tow rope has a pulling capacity of 32,000 pounds and will be sure to get you out of any situation. Its quick, easy to use and light weight. TRE has designed and manufactured a durable and reliable Safety Thimble that beats the others on the market. This Thimble uses less connections and does not utilize a shear pin which makes it very strong.