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TRE - Tactical Recovery Equipment

TRE – Tactical Recovery Equipment specializing in Safety Thimbles, Fairleads and other Winch Recovery Products

TRE – Tactical Recovery Equipment manufactures and sells the “Original” Safety Thimble which was designed to prevent the thimble from getting pulled into the Hawse Fairlead where most accidents happen in winching, often due to winch “run-on” from electric winches. The Thimble, unlike hooks and standard thimbles, does not scratch your fairlead which causes damage to synthetic ropes. It is also the lightest and most versatile recovery option to be used with synthetic winchline.

Synthetic Winch Rope with Safety Thimbles – Tactical Recovery Equipment ropes come pre-assembled with the Safety Thimble II already attached and ready to be installed on your winch. Tactical Recovery Equipment offers a wide variety of colored rope such as Blue, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Black

Hawse Fairleads – The Safety Thimble Fairlead is designed for use with the Safety Thimble 2. It allows the Winch Safety Thimble to be placed in an upright position on the winch hawse fairlead. By having the Safety Thimble in an upright position, this keeps the Safety Thimble from being the front-most part of your jeep or off road vehicle.!

Soft Shackles are used in many situations instead of a steel shackle and are considered a high strength replacement for most situations requiring the use of a steel shackle. Tactical Recovery Equipment Soft Shackles are made from the same high strength synthetic rope in use on a lot of winches to give you the same advantages of high strength, light weight, and ease in handling. TRE Small Soft Shackles have a pull string to release the choker loop making them even easier to use in the field

Kinetic Recovery Rope can pull you out of just about any situation including mud, sand or snow. These Kinetic Recovery Ropes provide superior performance, strength and durability compared to conventional Tow Ropes.