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Savvy Offroad

Savvy Offroad – Corner Guards, Bumpers, Rock Sliders, Tub Rails and Control Arms for Jeep JK, TJ and LJ.

Savvy Offroad – Known for building products for the Jeep TJ, LJ and JK out of heavy duty light weight aircraft grade aluminum. Using 6061 aircraft grade aluminum significantly reduces your Jeep weight when compared to steel while retaining the same, if not sometime better protection.

Savvy Body Armor –

Savvy Offroad produces many Jeep Body Armor products, such as Corner Guards, Bumpers, Rock Sliders and Tub Rails. Savvy aluminum Bumpers are the lightest and allow more cleareance than any other Jeep Bumper. These Bumpers are also available for the Jeep JK. Not only do they protect the Jeep Body, but they also build a light-weight under armor and Gas tank skid to help protect your valuable  Jeep parts underneath your Jeep from damage.

Suspension Parts –

Savvy Offroad produces their own all aluminum control arms for the Jeep TJ and LJ, that include Currie Johnny Joints. The control arms are double adjustable, so there is no need to remove the control arms to adjust your pinion angle. Savvy also manufactures the only mid arm suspension system for the Jeep TJ and LJ that maximizes the true usable available travel. The Suspension kits will truely give you all the flex your Jeep can handle.

Transfer Case Shifter Kits –

Now available for the NP 231 and the NP 241 transfer cases, Transfer case shifter kits. Eliminate the problem of broken stock linkage or linkage that does not work after lifting your Jeep. Savvy provides quality parts that replace your stock linkage and allow for up to a 4″ lift with parts that are better than OEM.