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Revolution Gear & Axle

Revolution Gear & Axle

Revolution Gear & Axle – It doesn’t matter whether you are rock crawler using your Jeep Wrangler to compete in the toughest off road race in the world. A gold miner in your Ford Super Duty headed to your claim in the Yukon hauling all your Gear. Or a roughneck making your way through the oil fields of the Australian outback in your Dodge Ram. Revolution Gear has you covered with the best quality Ring and Pinion gear sets and the strongest American made axles offered in the market. Lets also not forget that Revolution gear also has you covered if you need Precision Gears for your hot rod and we offer a 10 year Factory warranty on our heavy duty rear axle shafts for that hot rod.

 Ring & Pinion Gear Sets

  If you are looking for the best Ring and Pinion gears sets the industry has to offer for your gear ratio change on your Jeep, truck, SUV or hot rod, Revolution Gear ring and pinion sets are what you need. Our ring and pinion gear sets are made from only the best quality 8620 gear forgings and come with a fantastic 2 year warranty. Revolution Gear and Axle’s Ring and Pinion gear sets have been in production for more than 30 years but are just now being offered to you directly through our distributors. Unlike many other Ring and Pinion suppliers, Revolution Gear & Axle is not just another gear re-boxer, we only provide you with Ring and Pinion gear sets that are made to our exacting standards from factories that we have strong relationships with and that provide only the best quality gears sets.

  US Made Axle Kits & Shafts

 Enthusiasts that push their rides to the extreme know the importance of having strong heavy duty axle shafts to keep them moving. As you know Revolution Gear & Axle has been in the ring and pinion gear industry for years but with the collapse of Superior Axle & Gear there was a large hole left in the market for American made premium quality heavy duty 4340 chromoly front and rear axle shafts and Super 30 Axle Kits, Super 35 Axle Kits and Super 44 Axle Kits. In December 2013 Revolution Gear added AXLE to our name after striking a deal with the factory that used to produce axles for Superior Axle to take over the Superior line. As we all know American Made products are getting harder and harder to come by, as overseas factories have increased their quality, but when it comes to heavy duty 4340 chromoly axles there is a quality and performance that they have yet to duplicate overseas. As with our ring and pinion sets, Revolution Gear & Axle is committed to quality and part of this commitment we are bringing the BEST heavy duty 4340 chromoly axles shafts back to the automotive aftermarket. As part of this expatiation of our product line into American Made axle shafts we are not just reproducing what other companies are already doing. We have made changes to many of the front axle part numbers that will greatly increase their strength and will offer a few added features that some enthusiasts and many race teams are paying extra to have done after the fact. We here at Revolution Gear & Axle are excited about doing our part to keep making heavy duty 4340 chromoly axles shafts right here in the USA!