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Lockers – Locking Differentials

Lockers or Locking differentials reduce or eliminate traction problems by allowing maximum traction to each tire in all conditions regardless of how much traction each tire has. In most applications, Locking Differentials may be installed in front and/or rear, live axle or independent front axles. Lockers or Locking Differentials available in: Selectable, Automatic, and Spool.

Yukon Diff Wizard

Yukon Zip Lockers

If you’re looking for the latest in on-demand traction, then the Zip Locker is for you. The Zip Locker is an air operated locking differential designed with severe offroad use in mind. Its 8620 case & 4320 steel internals provide maximum strength against failure and give you piece of mind on the trail. Each unit comes with a variety of small parts for installation and operation, including air line & fittings, seal housing, shims (if applicable), operation switch with front & rear covers, zip ties and more. A variety of air sources can be used for operating the Zip Locker, including air compressors or onboard air systems. Yukon also offers an industry-first “competition series” Zip Locker that defaults-to-lock if the air pressure is interrupted for any reason. Competition series units are available for Dana 60 in 35 spline.

Spartan Lockers

This automatic locker replaces the stock side and pinion gears while utilizing the factory open differential case. A new and stronger center pin fits in oval slots between two inner drivers. Under load the center pin forces the inner drivers outward to engage the outer axle couplers on each side of the case. This provides locked power to both drive wheels, providing greater traction. When turning, one driver is unloaded and the teeth can ratchet across each other creating differential action to reduce tire wear and make turning the vehicle easier. This is one of the most economical lockers on the market today